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Subito Cotto 45

Subito Cotto 45


Subito Cotto 45 is a versatile, lightweight oven ideal for residential use.

Subito Cotto 45 is a proper refractory gas oven, easily transportable, weighing about 50 kg.
It is ready to use, and does not need to be assembled, isolated or finished. The oven has an internal diameter of 45 cm and reaches a temperature of 450°C in just 35 minutes.
Usable in outdoor environments such as gardens, balconies, and terraces, thanks to its low weight, it can also be transported and used in small spaces.
The refractory dome of the Subito Cotto 45 oven allows extraordinary heat retention performances, even after you put out the flame.
Ideal for baking a restaurant-level pizza, it allows you to cook many other dishes such as meat, fish, bread, vegetables, and desserts.
Subito Cotto 45 guarantees low fuel consumption and comes with a gas burner, also manufactured in Italy, compatible with Gas Propane/LPG and Methane.
Subito Cotto 45 is 100% craft made in Italy with high-quality materials and accessories.


Floor: 45 cm internal diameter
Colors:  White, Red, Black and Green
Gas consumption: 0.4 Kg/h (Maximum)
Preheating time: 30 minutes
Weight: 53Kg

  • SC45 Specs

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